Cast Glass Forms has cast thousands of  glass sculptures and objects for artists and designers from all over the world.  We are only showing a few of the glass designs we have created for the artists and designers and restorers that we have worked with over the years.  From a glass casting perpective each design has different dynamics that must be considered in order to achieve a successful casting. A successful glass casting is a balancing act between the many forces at work during the casting process. 

Our main concern is to stay true to the original design and intent of the glass sculptor or designer.  

 We hope you enjoy this library of successful castings. 
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Judy Chicago, Cast Glass, Cast Bronze
Binh Pho
Ron Fleming, Dragon Dance, 18" ht.
Tammy Bality, Raven, 12" ht.
McAlister Merchant, Shemindo, 10" ht.
Binh Pho, 5" ht. x 11" dia.
Ron Fleming, Fern Platter, 24" dia.
Soufflez, 22" ht.
David Varnau, Torso, 24" ht
Nancy Blair, Souvenirs for a Postcard, 18" ht.
Buffalo Skull, life size
Tsaar, 10" ht x 15" dia.
Ron Fleming, Debona, 15"ht x 12" dia.
"Horse Vessel", 14" ht x 13" dia
Tammy Bality,
Photo by Jafe Parsons.
"Spinning Horse" 12" ht x 18"
Tammy Bality
Photo by Jafe Parsons
"Horse Rock", 18" ht.
Tammy Bality
Photo by Jafe Parsons
"Unicorn Mask" by Mark Clarson, 24" ht. x 14" x 12", Leaded Crystal
"Falcon" by Tammy Bality
Cast Glass, Cast Bronze 20" ht.
Ron Fleming, Dragon Dance,  18" ht.
Dalriada, 15" ht
Brian Berman, Harmony, 20" ht.
Metsudah, 15" ht.
Steer Skull, life size
Suash, 15" ht.
Scigamae, 16" ht.
Architectural Lettering, 15"
Binh Pho, Amber Dream, 13"ht.
Machine Gun, 34" length, acid polished
Helen Santelli, 18" ht., cast glass, concrete
"The Rescue", 18"x9"x8"ht
Helen Santelli
Armed Forces Monument
Palm Springs, CA
"High Heels", life size, leaded crystal, acid polished
Jill Greenberg
Photo by Jill Greenberg
"Birthing", 16" ht., soda-lime glass
Cynthia Morgan
Photo by Paul Foster
"Ethereal Darkness" 
David Richardson
8"ht. x 3.5" x 3.5"
Deborah Howard
"Psychic Intruder"
12"x 12"x 4"
"Sinus Amoris", Binh Pho, 
Cast Leaded Crystal, 10" ht
"Many Notes, One Music" by Maclean Tiffany
99" x 44" x 1.5" thick
Glass Piece, Michael Brolly
14"x14"x18", Leaded Crystal, Bronze