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Rubber mold from an antique machine gun. We've prepared the gun first to be able to pull 
the mold successfully.
A wax gun that was "cast" from the rubber mold. Sprues are attached to different points on the gun.
Besides lost wax casting, we have  developed the technical and highly accurate techniques for no-wax casting.

 No-wax castings are applicable for tight-tolerance work or production pieces. We will give you all the options necessary to cast your work in the most professional manner and  to keep costs down.

The type of glass we use most often is 40%-45% leaded crystal and allows the finest details to be picked up in any casting. There are other glasses we also use such as soda-lime and borosilicate, depending on the project. There are many colors of glass to choose from. There are several ways to finish the glass, from water clear to frosted. Our most popular finish is our in-house translucent finish, which has about 75% clarity and reflects some light, allowing the eye to pick out detail of the design more easily.
Cast Glass Forms is one of the most accomplished glass casting foundries in the world, specializing in the lost wax technique of casting sculpture, architectural forms, restoration work, technical and production pieces.  As well as casting work for many  prominent artists and designers,  Cast Glass Forms is  a leader in the research to improve techniques and materials in the complex process of casting glass . It is their work and innovation that ensure Cast Glass Form's role as a cutting edge foundry in this difficult medium.
We offer a complete service to turn your ideas into glass. With our advanced investment shell techniques (not ceramic shell) and use of the sand can method , we strive to minimize the cold-working required on any glass casting and thus maintain accuracy to design and detail. 

Quality is of the utmost importance in all the work we do.

We will work with you in developing your designs in glass. You can request models be made from a sketch , completed mechanical drawings or 3D files. You can send us models made in any material, including glass, wood, clay, plastic, etc. and  we will then pull a rubber mold of that model  to make waxes of the design. If you are an accomplished sculptor, you can send us your rubber molds or a finished wax that you want cast in glass. 
The finished 45% leaded crystal casting of the machine gun, a highly accurate rendition 
with all the details,finished to absolute clarity by acid polishing.